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ThetaHealing®, Massage, Beginners/Kids Yoga

Crystal Light Bed Healing

The Crystal Bed has been developed with the resources of the House of Dom Inacio, the direct supervision of the Entities, and Medium Joao Teixeira (St John of God). The main component of the Crystal Bed just like its name indicates are the Crystals, they are extracted from the mines in Goias Brazil and renown worldwide for their healing properties.

Those who are looking for physical and spiritual comfort can "bath" in the Crystal Bed, and usually value its physical and spiritual effects. Its been known for centuries that Crystals potentiate and energize the human body cells. It means that all people being treated are in contact with the powers of God.

It's good to know there aren't any contraindications for the use of the Crystal Bed, nevertheless during treatments all rules and respect of the House of Dom Inacio should be observed.

Crystal Light Bed Healing is a very unique experience because of the profound work that is taking place on all levels of the body, by the spiritual doctors from John of God in Brazil.

The results can outweigh many other healing therapies.

Designed by the Divine Light Beings that work through the renowned Brazilian Medium Healer, John of God, this healing system pulses coloured light through 7 specifically cut and designed clear quartz crystals into a persons energy field and the 7 main chakra centres of the body.

The treatment opens, cleanses and balances the persons etheric field, raising the frequency of your energy bodies to allow the spiritual surgeons to perform deep healing work on all levels of the body,the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Crystal Bed

This crystal therapy results from the vibration of the crystals resonation with the water in our cells and tissues.

The feeling after a crystal bed session is normally one of well being, calmness, and a more balanced focus and perception.

It is recommended that you remove jewelry, glasses, watches, metal or tight fitting garments such as belts, and if possible wear white clothing. Lie under the crystals and listen to the soothing music that accompanies the session.

Session $100


ThetaHealing® (non-
denominational) is a healing modality developed by Gifted Healer Vianna Stibal (who miraculously healed herself of cancer instantly in the 90's), that allows the practitioner to facilitate and witness instant changes in a client's body and belief systems.

ThetaHealing® is basically quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or by sages and yogi level meditation. The practitioner is able to connect with the energy of All That Is to identify issues with and witness healings on the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs.

We, actually create everything in our lives. We draw to us people and experiences based on our belief systems. These beliefs function like computer programs, creating for us wealth or poverty, sickness or health, success or failure, loneliness or interconnectedness. Everything is our creation. The beliefs we hold are almost all subconscious. Some beliefs are formed based on our experiences: We put our hand in boiling water, it scalds us. We form the belief that hot water burns our skin. And this serves us.

Not all beliefs serve us. Perhaps we grow up in a home with two over-worked stressed parents, both of whom are unwell and unhappy. At the age of 4 we decide that life and work has to be a struggle and fail to achieve what we would create for ourselves at 30 or 40. The majority of beliefs formed in this lifetime were created from between conception to 9 years old. You can see how this could be limiting.

In addition, we have beliefs that were passed down to us in our DNA. We are born with beliefs, held on a soul level. And we acquire beliefs from the collective consciousness, the groups and societies we live in, and from history. The majority of these are subconscious. But they run like computer programs, dictating our experiences and creating our lives.

With ThetaHealing®, you can choose your beliefs and consciously create your life. You can pull and cancel the limiting beliefs. You can heal physical ailments, and reprogram yourself for abundance, success, love, happiness and anything else you can imagine. So... what will you create?

Call or email me to make an appointment to have a ThetaHealing® consultation by Skype, or in person with me, for a Private Healing and/or Reading.

1hr Session $100

Beginners/Kids Yoga

Yoga is a way to balance and heal mentally, physical, psychologically, and spiritually, with gentle stretching and toning to the body, and introducing some meditation as an easier way to relax and attain calmness.

Yoga helps us correct and maintain better posture, assisting with flexibility, lengthening of the muscles, strengthening of the bones and improving the cardiovascular system and health.

A sequence that unites breath, movement, heat and energy, flowing through the body's meridians giving suppleness, flexibility and lightness to the body.

A relationship between mind and body using focus, which brings in overall good health and psychological integration. Yoga aims at awareness of our thoughts while bringing more balance to our hormones and brain chemicals which is especially beneficial for stressful situations and/or menopausal symptoms.

I teach beginners to intermediate traditional Yoga, from children in childcare, to the elderly in retirement villages, and miners in mining camps.

1 hour class - $15 each
1 on 1 - $70