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Leelahnu (Melanie)

About Melanie

I was born in Winton in Western Queensland and grew up on Cork Station.

Leelahnu Outback

I was first aware of experiencing my own depression and anxiety in my teens, and this started me on a healing journey up to now. I tried taking antidepressants but I was too sensitive and they did not agree with me.

In my 30's I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I had studied some healing modalities and started working in the Massage Industry.

I discovered ThetaHealing and Yoga in my early 40's and this along with Massage lead to my recovery of the above disorders and more.

During and since this period I have travelled to many countries including Israel, India, and Brazil and studied meditation and healing.

I have been fortunate to study ThetaHealing Teacher Training with its founder Vianna Stibal; receive healing from St John of God at his Casa in Brazil; attended the O&O Academy in India; and I have completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage with Evolve College in Australia.

I am certified in: