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Mobile Massage


A smooth, flowing massage style that promotes relaxation and aims at releasing and easing physical and emotional tension.

Warming muscles enable them to stretch and lengthen to promote circulation which can help to gently release toxin build up and unwind contracted muscles.

Appropriate pressure is applied for firm, consistent rhythm which helps the body to surrender into a synchronicity that enhances a person's emotional and physical wellbeing. This physical and psychological improvement allows the body to return to its healthy state.

Remedial Massage 1.5 hours - $200
2 hours - $250

Melanie has a Diploma in Remedial Massage


Remedial/Sports/Deep Tissue

A treatment that applies a remedy to physical dysfunction and ailments in the body. Including strokes and techniques that enable a detailed and specific treatment based on working with the body's muscle and skeletal mechanics.

The aim is effective treatment involving a multitude of approaches including deep tissue, relaxation and sports massage to release build up of tight, tense, dense, and knotted tissue that could be causing nerve entrapment and muscle spasms.

Myofascial release, stretching, vibration, joint loosening and trigger point work are techniques that benefit sports injuries, sciatica, tennis elbow, RSI, carpal tunnel, whiplash.

Suitable for treating muscles in relation to their functionality and is not limited to sport itself but treats in a way that supports the body that may be more active and under more everyday pressure: e.g. gardening, labouring, bush walking.

Trigger points are areas of metabolic waste deposits in a muscle which may cause referred pain and can usually be easily alleviated.

Melanie has a Certificate IV Practitioner in Relaxation/Swedish Massage since 1998 and upgraded in 2016.


During the first trimester a general wellness massage is indicated which helps to level out the mother's physiologic responses.

Side lying and chair massage is indicated after the first trimester which can address lower back pain and ache from the postural shift caused by the growing baby.

Fluid accumulation/retention occurs when more fluid builds up in the tissues than the circulatory and lymph systems combined can accommodate causing swelling in the legs and feet.

At this stage an Oedema Massage is given which will support in decreasing the fluid build up.